High Volume Scanning has never been easier with the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity

Scan 1,000+ slides per work week

No pre-scan preparation necessary

New industry-first Smart Tray for intuitive slide organization

View slides scanned directly from the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity and explore high quality resolution

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How MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity makes life easier

For pathologists

+ Get more projects done:

  • Faster sample to results time

  • New Smart Tray maximizes efficiency

+ Superb image quality:

  • New 12 megapixel camera

  • High Numerical Aperture, in house apochromatic objectives deliver 0.13 µm/px

+ Highly reproducibility at large scale:

  • End-to-End solution that’s designed to scale up quickly if needed

  • Fit multiple instruments on one lab bench

For technicians / lab managers

+ Improve workflow with zero scan set up time:

  • Walk away with one click

  • Eliminating hours of pre-scan preparation

+ Smart Tray design streamlines workflow:

  • Scanner assisted organization

  • QC-free workflow

+ Automatic quality assurance:

  • Smart Tray keeps track of each slide’s location

  • Find and review your digital slides without the click of mouse

Use cases

We have millions of cases from 70+ countries

For researchers

For researchers who seek to quantify whole slide imagery with sub cellular resolution, MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity features an Extended Depth of Field (EDF) mode that delivers crisp and sharp detail from the smallest of structures. Capturing six planes across a 10 µm distance, each cell top to bottom is resolved throughout the entirety of this bone marrow sample. MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity gives you the option go beyond typical whole slide resolution, up to 0.13 µm/px for researchers interested in quantifying a variety of samples, including: IHC, cytology and RNA stained with DAB.

For busy labs

In busy labs it’s often difficult to operate systems that rely heavily on standard mouse/keyboard interaction. MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity takes into account that many of its users will wear gloves, and has enabled a workflow to scan, organize and view your results without even having to click your mouse. The Smart Tray design increases productivity which allows a relatively low-capacity system (60 or 100 slide options) to punch well above its weight and deliver 1,000+ high-quality digital slides each week.

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Learn how the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity can fit your lab’s workflow

MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity

MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity — reliable, high-throughput scanning

Exceptional image quality

Apochromatic objective (40x, 0.13 µm/px) that delivers color fidelity and high-resolution whole-slide imagery.

True continuous loading

This workhorse is built for batch-imaging and allows automated scanning users to add slides without disrupting NEW Infinity’s workflow.

Smart Tray

Keep track of each slide’s location with our new technology to greatly increase your lab efficiency.

12 megapixel camera

The upgraded camera delivers a wider view of morphology.

Z-stack and EDF

Flexible scan modes for whole-slide Z-stack to accommodate thick samples.

Fast focus

Separate focusing camera allows for quick tissue detection, skipping lengthy image pre-mapping

Need more details?

MoticEasyScan Specification Sheet

Download MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity below.

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Learn how the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity can fit your lab’s workflow

Let’s compare with traditional scanners

Streamlined workflow for Histotechnicians

+ Increased slides organization:

Instead of traditional rack systems, the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity utilizes our Smart Trays that organize slides back into the case-slide flap. Our Smart Trays have no gripper that could possibly break or damage slides.

+ Quality assurance:

Onboard quality control allows for managing scans at the scanner. This eliminates the risk of pathologists calling for a rescan and causing a disruption in workflow due to the need for finding the slides or recutting them.


+ Accessibility:

Labs that couldn’t afford the luxury pricing of traditional high-volume scanners, now have the ability to.

+ Scalability:

Labs that want to service a larger region, can benefit from productivity gain more than their current capacity.

+ Throughput:

Having multiple MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity scanning side-by-side provides greater throughput of digital images than a single scanner with a fast scan speed time.


Motic offers solution that meets modern lab needs, has a cost-effective pricing model, and provides a high-volume workflow that boosts productivity and improves quality results.

Get more from your slide scanner

+ Easy to adopt

Install within minutes not hours. 24/7 onshore customer support team to help you every step of the way.

+ Scale up your lab efficiently

Affordably scan 1,000+ slides per week. Implement multiple scanners and increase your output all while remaining within your lab’s budget.

+ Flexible file formats

Supports common file formats including SVS and DICOM. Compatible with popular image analysis tools like QuPath.

+ Compact design

High-throughput scanning within the size of microwave. Ability to fit multiple instruments on one lab bench.

+ Multiple scanners (scale-up)

Scanners in parallel can surpass competitors throughput. Multiple scanners ensure business continuity.

+ Design simplicity

Less moving parts that could malfunction. Stress-free maintenance and calibration.

Software platforms

We offer fully integrated software platforms to continue your digital workflow

Motic Slide Management Software

Slide library management software supporting pathology education and research. Open API platform to enable your custom projects to come to life.

MoticFlow Teleconsultation Platform

A cloud-based consultation platform designed for the existing workflow of diagnostic pathology, allowing pathologists to access, connect, and consult on cases seamlessly from anywhere.

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Learn how the MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity can fit your lab’s workflow


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24/7 customer support

Instead of just measuring scan speed, Motic takes into account the hands-on time spent loading and unloading glass slides from the scanner, as well as operation time spent reviewing troublesome tissues. Weekly throughput asks, on average, how many 40x whole slide images (of all varying sizes) can I complete in a standard 40 hour work week? MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity has been quite productive in tests, averaging two full runs each work day allowing researchers to scan 1,000+ slides in a typical work week.

No, the scanner can run unassisted. Most users run it once overnight, and then are able to process an additional run during the subsequent workday.

The trays that come with MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity are barcoded and can be read by the near-field communication (NFC) sensor on the front of the slide scanner. This system allows the scanner to track where all the glass slides are located during a scanning run, and also allows you to retrieve and review your slides imagery without even having to click your mouse. This ease of use factor enables technicians to skip tedious prescan steps all together.

If you primarily use IHC or special stains, or have an entire batch of unique slides with similar properties, you can create a custom scan profile to aid in the scanning process.

Often, a single slide or maybe even a batch of slides comes into the lab with the highest urgency. MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity loading bay is designed to allow you to queue emergency batches to the front of the line, without pausing or stopping current scan. This is in contrast to many big box scanners, who claim continuous loading, but force the user to pause or cancel a scanning run when emergency slides are introduced, hampering productivity.

MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity features an upgraded camera over previous EasyScan models. In addition to providing great clarity across a wide field of morphology, the larger sensor size of the 12MP camera has boosted the per slide scan speed as well.

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