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EasyScan GO

Perform accurate and consistent malaria detection with our AI-powered whole-slide scanner system

A breakthrough microscopy system to aid the hardest part of detecting malaria.

EasyScan GO – developed by Motic and Global Health Labs

Using sophisticated AI deep learning methods and trained over 4 million scanned images, the EasyScan GO system is fine-tuned to identify and count malaria parasites in a blood smear in as little as 20 minutes.

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“Our goal in integrating Global Good’s advanced software into Motic’s high-quality, affordable digital slide scanner is to simplify and standardize malaria detection. Success with the most difficult-to-identify disease paves the way for the EasyScan product line to excel at almost any microscopy task and to detect other major diseases that affect developed and emerging markets alike.”
Richard Yeung
Vice President of Motic China
“Microscopy still remains a gold standard for Tuberculosis and Malaria detection. With development of AI, automatic diagnosis system could be a practical and useful solution. Motic has been concentrating in AI technology for years to free laboratory workers and treating physicians from burdensome subjective manual Microscopy observation.”
Dr. Paramasivan
C.N., Senior Scientific Advisor, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), India
“Microscopy is gold standard for laboratory confirmation of malaria. However, it is labour-intensive and time-consuming, required a lot of training and refresh training. Therefore, it is becoming a big challenge to maintain the skill of microscopists in the setting of malaria elimination, such as in China. Hopefully, artificial intelligence system, which using machine deep learning technology, could be a helpful assistant for malaria diagnosis. As an intelligent system, I wish EasyScan GO will be an powerful tool for surveillance with its capacity of automatically parasite identification and species classification.”
Jun (Joe) Cao, PhD
Deputy Director of Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases (JIPD). Executive Director of WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training on Malaria Elimination
“Malaria is one of the hardest diseases to identify on a microscope slide. By putting machine learning-enabled microscopes in the hands of laboratory technicians, we can overcome two major barriers to combating the mutating parasite-improving diagnosis in case management and standardizing detection across geographies and time.”
David Bell
Director of Global Health Technologies supporting Global Good
“Microscopic detection, specification and counting of Malaria causing organisms in human red blood cells needs skilled personnel, is subjective and time consuming. EasyScan GO instead allows a rapid automated identification, specification and quantification of different types of plasmodiae in red blood cells. Machine detection and classification of different types of microorganisms can be controlled on an image gallery and corrected. Conventionally stained slides can be subjectively reassessed, if necessary. Thus, a reliable, objective early diagnosis of different types of Malaria can be achieved even in the absence of specialists within a few minutes. Similar to automated screening smears for cervical cancer cells the device thus further improves the availability and quality of microscopical diagnostics.”
Dr. Alfred Böcking
Emeritus Director Institute of Cytopathology, University Düsseldorf, Germany Consultant Institute of Pathology, City Hospital Düren, Germany
“This collaboration, combining Global Good’s impact invention focus with Motic’s engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, represents the type of innovative healthcare solution that is needed to improve health in emerging and low-income markets. By distributing and commercializing an intelligent microscope, Global Good and Motic are creating a future where quality diagnosis of multiple diseases is within reach for everyone everywhere.”
Maurizio Vecchione
Intellectual Ventures' Executive Vice President of Global Good and Research

About Malaria

Every year, malaria kills almost half a million people, and researchers estimate nearly half the world’s population is at risk of contracting it. The disease is typically found in tropical and sub-tropical countries in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas. Even in Europe and North America, thousands of cases are diagnosed from infected travelers returning home.

Motic is a groundbreaking company specialized in manufacturing conventional compound microscopes. Thanks to our optical expertise, thorough and heartfelt customer service, and aim to enhance the microscopy experience, we have grown into a global brand within everyone’s reach. We are committed to standing by our young scientists from their early steps, improving healthcare, and supporting the progress of scientific research by adapting to the market trends, and by focusing on advanced digital solutions aimed at fulfilling the needs of today and exceeding the expectations of tomorrow.

Global Health Labs is a nonprofit organization created by Gates Ventures (the private office of Bill Gates) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the mission to develop innovative solutions to address unmet needs in primary healthcare centers and the last mile.

For the last ten years, these technology-centric solutions have been fueled by collaboration with leading research institutions, corporate and private sector partners, humanitarian organizations, and forward-looking governments.

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Thank you for your interest in Motic Digital Pathology! For us to help find the best solution for you, please fill out the following form and a Motic team member will be in touch within 1 business day.

Thank you for your interest in Motic Digital Pathology! For us to help find the best solution for you, please fill out the following form and a Motic team member will be in touch within 1 business day.