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Ready for a scanner that can grow with you?

Discover future-ready small-footprint scanner upgradability with the MoticEasyScan Pro 24

View slides scanned directly from the MoticEasyScan Pro 24 and explore high resolution

We have millions of cases from 70+ years

Use Cases

Pro24_image H_E in section2

Ideal for H/E sample with IHC serial sections

Specifically designed to enable IHC quantification, designed with Motic optics to aid in accurate interpretation of staining patterns and cellular morphology, making quantifying IHC staining precise and more efficient.

streamlined remote frozen section scanning

Streamlined Remote Frozen Section Scanning

Optimize workflow with efficient high-volume remote frozen section scanning for timely assessments. Whether connecting multiple labs and sites or enabling rapid collaboration, Frozen Section Live eliminates the need for travel to remote locations and the time-consuming scanning of whole slide images. View and operate slides live with our industry leading Autofocus technology

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Learn how the MoticEasyScan Pro 24 can enhance your lab’s workflow

MoticEasyScan Pro 24

Transform your pathology lab with the versatile MoticEasyScan Pro 24 digital scanner, revolutionizing digital pathology.

MoticEasyScan Infinity Upgrade Kit

When the time comes, upgrade from 24-slide capacity to 100-slide capacity for an extra productivity lift, ensuring your lab keeps up with the demands of the future.

Accurate ROI Detection

MoticEasyScan empowers you to navigate through tricky samples with tissue detection algorithms for faintly stained tissue, as well as Preview Mode to enhance your workflow productivity.

High-Volume meets Frozen Section Live

A powerhouse for high-volume FS-Live operations, ensuring seamless and efficient scanning for various applications.

Advanced Scan Modes

Explore Z-Stack and EDF capabilities for flexible whole-slide scanning, accommodating even the thickest samples with ease.

Enhance Camera Performance

Featuring 12-Megapixel camera for broader view of morphology, capturing intricate details effortlessly.

Rapid Focus Technology

Utilize a separate focusing camera for quick tissue detection, bypassing lengthy image pre-mapping process for efficient scanning.

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How MoticEasyScan Pro 24 make life easier

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Lightning Fast Frozen Section Live

Scalability for business growth

Improve workflow with minimal set up time

Wide-ranging applications with ease


ASI screenshot

Integration with Image Analysis Software Platform

MoticEasyScan seamlessly integrates with various image analysis software platforms to enhance histopathology practices. The imaging and analysis systems, when paired with MoticEasyScan , cater to a wide range of histopathology needs, including Quantitative IHC Scoring and Whole Slide Imaging of H&E/IHC tools from image analysis leaders, including Applied Spectral Imaging, based on the Motic open-source platform. By leveraging interoperability with most computer-assisted analysis pipelines and staying laser focused on providing exceptional image quality of MoticEasyScan, pathologists can achieve uncompromising standardization in results interpretation, enabling streamlined workflows and improved efficiency in evaluating patient cases.

Integration and Interoperability

Integration and Interoperability with Frozen Section Live

MoticEasyScan, featuring Frozen Section Live, presents versatile applications across laboratory use, research, and education. In laboratory settings, it streamlines scanning processes for frozen sections, offering real-time visualization that enables swift diagnostic assessments for timely patient care. For researchers, the system's high-quality imaging capabilities support detailed tissue sample analysis, complemented by its compatibility with third party Quantitative IHC Scoring for research investigations. In educational environments, MoticEasyScan fosters interactive learning through real-time slide viewing and remote access, empowering students with hands-on experience and providing educators with tools to enhance collaborative learning opportunities.


Yes, you may freely move between slides within the current tray and proceed to the next tray. However, you cannot navigate back to a previous tray once you have moved forward.

You can select from a range of open-source image file formats including .SVS, .JPEG, .TIFF, .DICOM, or .MDS.

Scan duratoin vary based on tissue size and objective. for instance, a 15x15mm scan at 40x magnification typically takes 100 seconds.

To accommodate increased demand, simply contact our support team to discuss upgrading your capacity from 24 slides to 100 slides.

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