Applications for 5 Scanners for $100k: Research:

This post is part of an ongoing series exploring how your lab can utilize Motic’s 5-Scanner Anniversary Special to make the leap to digital pathology. 


Today, our focus is: Research

In celebration of its 5-year anniversary, Motic is offering a special deal of ‘5 scanners for $100,000.’  This exclusive deal aligns with Motic’s mission of making their scanner more accessible and approachable to a wider range of users. Digital pathology is now routinely deployed in research settings to better quantify experimental findings. Through the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, MoticEasyScan imagery fuels the way researchers study and analyze tissue samples, providing high-resolution digital slides that enhance diagnostic accuracy and enable better data analysis. With its ability to accelerate biomarker validation, MoticEasyScan can also help researchers cut their assay development time in half, leading to a more streamlined and efficient drug development process.   

So, where do you start? And how can you use your five scanners from our 5th Anniversary Special (a bundle including one MoticEasyScan New Infinity and four MoticEasyScan One) to start in digital research?

1. AI Data Set Development 

 MoticEasyScanners are compact desktop systems that are ideal for hub and spoke workflows where you want to gather digital slides from several different geographical locations and centralize the data for review. By delivering whole slide imagery with sub-cellular resolution, digital pathology provides a more precise and reproducible quantification of cellular markers. One example is PD-L1, a cell surface protein used to detect cancer. When pathologists can enhance their view of a whole slide image with quantitative image analysis, a more objective and accurate assessment method emerges as compared to the manual read methodology. Each digital slide represents a wealth of information that can be used to train AI algorithms and annotate training sets, making it possible to study rare diseases and make advances in cancer research.Building biology atlases can lead to the next generation of pathology tools. When digital pathology can be deployed far and wide, researchers can gain a better understanding of the types of annotations to include in their algorithms.  

2. Validating Clinical Research

Labs using MoticEasyScan for spatial RNA projects have discovered the significance of Motic’s high image resolution. In digital pathology, determining the right scan resolution can be challenging, with folks often sacrificing resolution for time. As a result, many high throughput slide scanners lack the resolution needed for for advanced applications such as RNA quantification. MoticEasyScan offers a solution with the ability to configure whole slide scans at a resolution of up to 0.13um/px and its combination with Extended Depth of Field mode (EDF) results in a high dynamic range digital slide with sharp focus across the entire Z range, making it ideal for RNA quantification. This technology saves time in the analysis stage and is aimed at being accessible to researchers worldwide to advance our understanding of cancer biology and improve patient outcomes.

3. Biomarker Discovery

MoticEasyScan is part of an elite group of instruments revolutionizing the field of pathology by capturing detailed, high-resolution tissue images that enable the detection of changes in biomarkers. These images can be stored remotely and analyzed using computational tools, which enhance data analysis and biomarker discovery. The utilization of MoticEasyScan has the capability to expedite drug development and clinical trials, resulting in a quicker evaluation of new cancer drugs, the early detection of resistance to therapy, and improved research outcomes. The incorporation of AI algorithms in the analysis of digital slides has the potential to recognize novel patterns and relationships in cancer biology, thereby advancing our comprehension of the disease and improving patient outcomes.  

Motic aims to make this revolutionary technology accessible to researchers worldwide, enabling them to enhance their understanding of cancer biology and improve patient outcomes. The 5-year anniversary special deal of “5 scanners for $100,000” provides an opportunity for researchers to take advantage of the benefits of digital pathology and contribute to advancing cancer research. 

Motic recognizes the practical value of digital pathology and how our five scanners can significantly benefit researchers. 

How to use your 5 Scanners: Utilize the high volume MoticEasyScan Infinity 60 as the primary scanner to digitize research slides, while reserving two MoticEasyScan One units at remote labs to capture valuable samples that could lead to new discoveries. Additionally, two MoticEasyScan units can be used for pre-screening or quality control processes.

By The Motic Team

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