Motic Digital Pathology and Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) Announce First Projects in Joint-Venture to Create Integrated Digital Pathology Workflows for IHC and FISH Imaging through Validation with CorePath Laboratories

EMERYVILLE AND CARLSBAD, CA—January 30, 2024—Motic Digital Pathology, a Whole Slide Image (WSI) digital scanner company and international leader in deployments for cancer diagnosis, today announced an expanded Joint-Venture relationship with Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) to create integrative end-to-end solutions for AI-enabled analysis of H&E, IHC and FISH samples—from image to diagnosis.

Motic Digital Pathology has selected ASI as its Joint-Venture partner for integrating its Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) seamlessly through ASI’s HiPath Pro and PathFusion platforms for the analysis of brightfield and fluorescent images. Interoperability enablers, developed in the context of this joint program, will allow use of ASI’s computer-aided and AI-powered IHC and FISH analysis on images acquired on Motic scanning platforms. 

Focusing initial projects on breast tissue biopsies, this first in a series of collaborations centers on the use of ASI’s HER2 IHC scoring on Motic images and a streamlined workflow for digital HER2 FISH enumeration. Results of the validation studies, conducted in cooperation with CorePath Laboratories (San Antonio, TX), will be officially presented at USCAP’24 later this year.

Beginning in 2024, this core suite of ASI software will become available for integration into the MoticEasyScan Pro and MoticEasyScan Infinity digital pathology slide scanners. Under this Joint-Venture, Motic and ASI will work together in selected hospitals and laboratories worldwide. The first integrated platform will be operational at CorePath Laboratories, using the proprietary lab information system (LIS), LabVizor, which has been uniquely designed for the needs of pathologists. “The interoperability between Motic and ASI platforms should enhance the efficiency of our pathology workflows” said Dr. Aamir Ehsan, Medical Director and CEO at CorePath. “The possibility to reuse regions of interest marked on Motic brightfield images when identifying tumor areas on FISH scans acquired on the ASI’s PathFusion platform will likely benefit labs in a marked reduction in turn-around time.”

Our expanded relationship with Motic Digital Pathology underlines ASI’s desire to deliver its industry leading scanner-agnostic software solutions to pathologists everywhere” said Limor Shiposh, CEO at ASI. “ASI views the Joint-Venture as a mean to provide pathologists and their labs with an integrative end-to-end solution which combines Motic WSI scanners with ASI’s state-of-the-art analysis for IHC and FISH. The goal of our partnership is to streamline the pathology workflow with increased integration and interoperability, helping to enhance the efficiency with which pathologists can evaluate patient cases and provide them with the insights needed to take decisive medical action.” 

Motic’s Director of Digital Pathology, Brandon Parod, explains “Motic’s open pathology philosophy enables interoperability between our high quality whole slide images and leading image analysis partners, and LIS providers which is the core to Motic Digital Pathology’s mission to provide efficient and personalized patient care solutions.”

As a business unit of Motic Instruments, a leader in the field of optics since 1988, Motic Digital Pathology is part of a global company innovating to make healthcare and scientific discovery more accessible. Motic’s whole slide scanning and image management technologies are now deployed reviewing millions of cases worldwide, and Motic’s philanthropic initiatives leverage digital pathology technologies to solve today’s most pressing and under-resourced health problems. It is Motic’s global strategy to allow its MoticEasyScan WSI systems to be virtually open sourced to enable critical-care, patient-first focused software development companies to easily upload and analyze any Motic’s images. It is this workflow integration between digital image-to-analysis, without the restrictions of format incompatibilities, that Motic and ASI believe will excel diagnosis, and quicken positive outcomes.

About Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) 

ASI is a global leader in biomedical imaging with a comprehensive product portfolio for karyotyping, H&E, IHC and FISH imaging and analysis. The company’s advanced technology provides pathology, cytogenetics and research laboratories with solutions from slide scanning and high-resolution whole slide imaging, analysis, reporting, and Laboratory Information Systems connectivity.

ASI’s product portfolio is FDA-cleared for BandView Karyotyping, FISHView, SpotScan for CEP XY, UroVysion, ALK and HER2/neu FISH, and HiPath IHC Family for HER2, ER, PR and Ki67 in manual configuration. The ASI product family is IVDR compliant. 

Founded in 1993, ASI develops, markets, services and supports its products in more than 80 countriesThe company has offices in the USA and Asia, and outreach coverage worldwide through a network of distribution partners. 

For more information about ASI, visit or e-mail [email protected] 

About Motic Digital Pathology 

Motic Digital Pathology addresses the growing global pathology care gap by making its MoticEasyScan line of WSI digital scanners approachable for hospitals, labs, and doctors everywhere. Through its thousands of instruments placed globally, Motic promotes the adoption of telepathology through its innovative, cost-effective solutions developed directly in conjunction with partner pathologists. Motic Digital Pathology takes a collaborative approach to the world’s most critical disease solutions, by allowing its imaging technology to easily interface with the world’s top analysis platforms

For more information about Motic Digital Pathology, visit or contact us at

About CorePath Laboratories 

CorePath is a leader in cancer diagnostics and one of the few national and international laboratories with the ability to offer immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics, FISH, PCR, multicolor flow cytometry, and next generation sequencing at one location. CorePath is comprised of academically trained board-certified pathologists and clinical lab scientists helping providers care for their patients worldwide through expertise, innovation, collaboration and integration. CorePath is a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. 

For more information about CorePath, where innovation meets empathy, visit or contact us at [email protected]. 

*In European Union & United Kingdom, Canada, and Latin American countries various ASI and Motic products are CE-IVDR, UKCA, and MDSAP Marked for clinical use with scanners such as the Motic INF60 and 100 series; and in the United States, ASI has FDA for several of its software IHC applications in manual configuration, while Motic scanners are limited to Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

By The Motic Team

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